Turkish patent

Despite recent upheavals, the growth of IP and Research in Turkey over recent years has been exponential, with Turkey rising 16 points in the global innovation index in 2016 alone. Government incentives have in part helped the development of the R&D and IP ecosystem, with a growing number of universities now including technology transfer offices, and many domestic and international companies establishing R&D centres across the country to take advantage of these incentives.

Until recently, Turkish patent professionals have found their searches hampered by a lack of Turkish patent information in both public and commercial databases, resulting in the need to search both the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) database (where captcha codes are required for every search) and an international patent database separately. Likewise, international searchers will have struggled to use the TPI database for keyword searching as only Turkish keywords can be used.

Minesoft have recently sourced and added up to date Turkish patent and utility model data to PatBase, our global patent database, without the delays experienced by other providers. Furthermore, Minesoft have made it possible to search the Turkish data in both the original language and in English. This is of benefit to both Turkish and international PatBase users as they can search this information at the same time as data from over 106 other issuing authorities.

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