What are the Best Inventions of 2023?

As we bring in 2024, let’s look back at the most significant inventions from 2023 that are shaping the way we live and interact with technology. From breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to advancements in renewable energy, 2023 was a year of remarkable innovation. These inventions are not only revolutionising industries but also paving the way for a more connected and sustainable future.

Transparent solar panels

Emerging solar panel technologies are poised to transform the global solar energy landscape, with Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator (TLSC), also referred to as Photovoltaic glass, leading the way as one of the most advanced innovations. This works by selectively capturing a segment of the solar spectrum that remains invisible to the naked eye, all the while permitting normal visible light to pass through. The versatility of these solar cells extends their use to windows, greenhouses, glass facades, and even the screens of portable electronic devices, showcasing their adaptability and transformative potential in various contexts.

Patent Number: US20230231508 A1

Clear Solar Panel - Best Inventions 2023

Airless wheels

NASA’s space technology is finding innovative applications in everyday products within various scientific fields. For more than five decades, NASA has been constructing specialised tiers designed for outer space, prioritising functionality in extreme conditions where spare tires are not an option. These space-grade tires are composed of a unique metal alloy known as nitrol. Leveraging this same material, a company called SMART Tire Co. has engineered an airless bicycle wheel. The SMART tire stands out due to its unusual materials and an internal spiral shape, referred to as Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology (SMART), which not only prevents them from going flat but also eliminates the necessity for air pressure. This transformative adaptation of NASA’s technology exemplifies the cross-disciplinary impact of space exploration on our everyday lives.

Patent Number: US20230241919 A1

Airless Tyres - Best inventions 2023

Changing Landfills

With over 2 billion tonnes of waste produced annually worldwide, UBQ Materials strives to use its unique landfill solution to turn a sizable amount of that waste into new products. UBQ has pioneered the development of the first thermoplastic derived entirely from 100% unsorted household waste, encompassing organics and unrecyclable materials. Utilising a sophisticated system, the company sorts, shreds, and melts trash into fibres, cellulose, and sugars, transforming them into small pellets for the creation of new products such as packaging, building materials and more. This ground-breaking bio-based resin is seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing processes is seen as a sustainable alternative to oil-based resins.

Patent Number: WO2023031911 A1

UBQ palets - Best invention 2023

Treatment for Alzheimer’s

A team of scientists have developed a drug to help prevent the advancement of Alzheimer’s. The FDA-approved drug known as Leqembi or Lecanemab represents a significant development for treating the disease, and it’s paving the way to being the most effective one. The drug works by reducing the accumulation of a type of protein in the brain, that compromises cognitive function. In clinical studies, Leqembi demonstrated a notable 27% reduction in cognitive decline, as measured through various tests and daily living tasks, when compared to a placebo. While Leqembi may induce brain swelling, particularly in individuals with higher Alzheimer’s risk genes, diligent monitoring through regular scans and adjusting dosage can effectively mitigate this risk. The approval of Leqembi marks a significant stride in addressing Alzheimer’s disease and enhancing patient care.

Patent Number: WO2023187091 A1

Alzheimer drug - Best invention 2023

Why Did We Choose These as the Best Inventions of 2023?

The innovations mentioned above are examples of ways in which scientists and engineers are revolutionising their field and utilising cross-disciplinary techniques to improve our planet. While highlighting the best inventions of 2023, it is important to emphasise the need to continue developing technologies that will improve the quality of all life for years to come.

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