Minesoft wins big at Regional
Chamber of Commerce Business

Minesoft wins big at the Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

The Minesoft team were thrilled to win the awards for Customer Service and Digital Marketing at the recent Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

The annual business awards organised by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce – one of the accredited nationwide British Chambers of Commerce – are a recognition and celebration of regional business success.

Mie Rasmussen, Head of Support and Training, explained in her award entry “Since day 1, Minesoft’s philosophy on customer service has been to encourage open communication between clients and support. Our clients are experts in intellectual property (IP) information so who better to direct the company’s development than them.”

As a provider of online solutions for Intellectual Property industry, Mie and her team must deal with very complex and sometimes niche issues, so it’s crucial for them to be well versed in IP and technology topics, as well as being experts on the entire Minesoft product line.

Mie continued, “The role of the Minesoft Customer Service team extends beyond dealing with the day-to-day problems of clients to setting up more efficient dynamic workflows, providing in-depth training to help with strategic decision making and working with users at every level of experience to help them make the most out of their Minesoft subscriptions. This collaborative relationship between Customer Service and our clients has led to us having one of the highest retention rates in the industry.”

Head of Support and Training, Mie Rasmussen, collects the award for Customer Service

Minesoft’s Marketing Team has had to rethink their digital marketing strategy over the past 2 years. Firstly considering how to replace the contacts that the Business Development Team would normally gain from attending conferences around the world, and secondly considering how Minesoft stand out from the crowd as other companies in the industry start increasing their digital marketing efforts at the same time.

International Marketing Manager, Caitlin Kavanagh, explained in her award entry how the Marketing Team were working to stay ahead, “Many of our prospects and clients are in high-level jobs such as Scientists, Patent Attorneys, Heads of IP or Engineers – to name a few! So, it is really important that although we are a small team, we all have different skill sets to drive awareness of the brand and demonstrate thought leadership in a knowledgeable way for the Intellectual Property (IP) industry.

Last year, we decided to start reaching out to new or less-experienced patent searchers with our Strategic IP Webinars to gain new customers from different industry verticals. Previously webinars were exclusively for our existing clients, but they have proved to be very popular, and we now run them monthly. We’re branching out to show thought leadership in new ways to secure our reputation as an experienced market leader in the IP industry.”

International Marketing Manager, Caitlin Kavanagh, collects the award for Digital Marketing

This year, Minesoft sponsored the award category Best Female Entrepreneur. We would like to offer our congratulations to Ciara Mullins, Director of CuraCare on her well-deserved win. CuraCare is a local company that provide bespoke home care services. Minesoft co-founder Ann Chapman is a previous winner of the Best Female Entrepreneur category. Ann is an active member of the regional Chamber of Commerce and is a chair for the Richmond Business Investment District, helping to boost local business, ranging from small businesses to corporations, such as eBay and PayPal, and the community as a whole.

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