Press release

New Non-Patent Literature Module

A new Non-Patent Literature module has now been added to PatBase and PatBase Express, making it easier for our users to broaden their searches and strengthen their foundation of knowledge in areas of interest. Accessing over 12 sources of non-patent & scientific literature, including ScienceDirect, PubMed, Scopus and Google Scholar, a PatBase or PatBase Express user can easily search for relevant patent and non-patent information in the same platform.

New Semantic Search

Discover hidden patents with our new semantic search module, recently added to PatBase and PatBase Express. From any text based query (e.g. an abstract, a set of claims), the Semantic search option identifies the relevant concepts and suggests technology areas within which the patent families identified fall within. Rather than a black box, the user remains in complete control and has the ability to select concepts of interest, add new concepts of interest and select the technology areas of interest. Semantic Search offers an interesting new way to expand and further explore subject searching for anyone using PatBase and complements keyword or patent classification searches by locating additional pertinent documents.

New PatBase Thesaurus

The new multi-disciplinary thesaurus combines Chemical Search, Language Explorer, Dictionary and Thesaurus into one easy to use product, allowing you to drill down further into areas of interest. The service allows users to identify and add synonyms, keywords, acronyms and translations of particular terms to a PatBase search strategy, optimising the way our users search for patents. PatBase and PatBase Express Users can utilise a type-ahead functionality to search for a term(s) of interest, identify synonyms and search selected synonyms.

Collaborate more effectively with our new Export and Sharing functions

Minesoft has recently launched a new Export module within PatBase, making it easier to export patent data and enabling a higher level of customisation. Legal status information can now be included with options to filter this information by country/date and the ability to include a link to the legal status timeline for the patents of interest.

In PatBase Express, it’s now possible to share results, add results to folders and search within a folder.