Raconteur 2021 IP Report sponsored by Minesoft presents global IP news

Minesoft actively supports efforts to promote the importance of having a strong IP strategy and understanding of global IP trends. This is why Minesoft sponsored the Raconteur Intellectual Property Report for the third consecutive year. This report offers detailed and topical articles about global and local IP news. Posing important questions and considerations such as “Should vaccines have IP protection?” in light of the global covid-19 pandemic, the impact of Brexit on UK IP strategies and the growing Intellectual Property cybertheft and cybersecurity threats from moving to remote work.

This report presents IP information in an engaging and highly visual way, featuring a two-page Global IP infographic, eye-catching charts and graphics accompanying the articles. This Intellectual Property report was fittingly distributed alongside The Times newspaper and their digital tablet edition. Intellectual property protection is a topic that affects all industries and levels of business. This report delivers a comprehensive overview of key IP areas and their significance in current global affairs.

Inside Raconteur IP report 2021

If you didn’t manage to get a hold of a copy, click this link to access the full Intellectual Property report.

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