While many people are continuing to work from home full time, it is easy to feel disconnected due to a lack of face-to-face contact with colleagues, everyday conversations, and a generally interrupted schedule. Reconnect your IP team with Minesoft’s IPShare, an innovative online solution designed to help teams collaborate more effectively and transparently.


Emailing patent and non-patent literature as attachments or using cloud-type sharing can create duplicate files and increase the likelihood of human error, with no audit trail. With IPShare your entire team can collaborate on projects in one open and central location, from Paralegals and Patent Searchers to Scientists and R&D Professionals.

Connect your teams within projects

Create dedicated projects and invite individual users or user groups. Permission levels are completely customisable so all project members can view and edit only the areas you want them to. Within the project, these invited members can chat, label, annotate, make notes, and rank patent and non-patent literature in real-time.

With many more collaborative features, IPShare is the ideal application for your team to streamline IP document review and organisation.


Remotely manage projects

Managers can monitor ongoing work across multiple projects quickly by reviewing project analytics. The Snapshot analysis tool generates automatic graphs showing a birds-eye-view of ongoing projects including the most prominent countries, companies, and publication timelines within a project, as well as user activity data such as document activity, rankings, and labels as they are applied within projects over time.

Track the work being done on each project to quickly identify which projects are taking up the most man-hours or if there are bottlenecks that need to be addressed.


IPShare is an easy-to-use and fully web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time! Find out how IPShare can transform the way your team collaborates. Register for a free trial by visiting the IPShare page on the Minesoft Website!