What is a Patent Information Disclosure Statement?

Unlocking the Secrets of Patent Information Disclosure Statements (IDS)

In the complex world of intellectual property, obtaining a patent is critical for inventors and innovators. However, the process involves more than just filing papers; it requires transparency and compliance with specific tasks, one of which is the preparation of a Patent Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). This detailed guide looks into the complexities of IDS, its relevance, and the responsibilities it imposes on patent applicants.

What is a Patent Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)?

While the process of filing a patent does not mandate a prior art search, a duty exists to disclose all known prior art or “material” information. This duty is applicable to both inventors and those involved in patent applications. The submission of an IDS, a formal document disclosing relevant information, is a key aspect of fulfilling this duty. Importantly, this obligation persists until the patent is issued. Failing to comply with this duty can have profound consequences, impacting the patentability of the invention and potentially rendering the patent unenforceable.

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Fulfilling IDS Patent Duty:

Submitting “material” information via an Information Disclosure Statement is a critical step in the patent application process. This responsibility continues until the patent is issued. Failure to comply with this responsibility might jeopardise your invention’s patentability and render the patent unenforceable.

Determining “Material” Information:

While there is no strict definition, general guidelines dictate that all relevant information related to the claimed subject matter should be disclosed. This includes information from related patent applications, patents of the applicant, and references in PCT or foreign counterpart applications.

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When Should a Patent Information Disclosure Statement Be Filed?

Filing the IDS patent form promptly upon the knowledge of relevant prior art information is crucial. For new applications, it is advisable to file it with the initial submission or shortly after to avoid fees. If prior art is discovered through foreign/PCT applications, filing the IDS within three months of the Foreign Office Action or international search report is recommended to avoid additional fees.

Patent IDS & Ongoing Duty of Candour

The need for honesty and transparency extends throughout the patent application process. Supplemental IDS filings may be required when new prior art is identified, particularly in circumstances involving numerous linked patent applications.

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Who Does Patent IDS Duty Apply To?

The ongoing duty applies to both patent applicants and any patent practitioners. Timely IDS submissions are crucial for maintaining the enforceability of the patent. Clear and efficient communication with all involved parties is vital, especially when multiple related applications require multiple IDS submissions.

What Happens If A Patent Information Disclosure Statement Isn’t Filed?

Failure to disclose material information during prosecution may result in inequitable conduct, rendering the patent unenforceable. This leaves your discovery or invention vulnerable to competition, as patent protection is not in place. Being prepared for multiple IDS submissions is a key part of any IP strategy involving patents.

What Happens if Prior Art is Found After an IDS Submission?

The USPTO has a process, the Quick Path Information Disclosure Statement (QPIDS), to quickly review and alter IDS forms after submission. This process allows applicants to request consideration of an IDS after paying the issue fee. If there is no need to reopen the prosecution of the patent’s IDS submission, the Request for Continued Examination (RCE) fee is refunded, preventing applicants from being penalised for proactive measures.


In the ever-evolving field of intellectual property, where innovation is key, understanding and adhering to the obligations imposed by Patent Information Disclosure Statements is not just a legal formality but essential. Embracing these responsibilities ensures that the path to patent issuance is not only compliant but also fortified against potential challenges, securing the rightful protection of valuable inventions and discoveries.

Minesoft Makes Searching For Patents and Prior Art Easy

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