Press release
Minesoft launches new IP legal tool,

Minesoft is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new solution for all IP legal professionals, PatDocs. The new web-based software makes it easy for IP professionals to streamline their busy workload with an all-in-one system; incorporating auto-complete IDS forms, family tree mapping, one-click document ordering, offline legal status report and more…  More…

energy transition
Innovation driving the Energy

Energy Transition involves a structural change in the energy system from our existing model to a new paradigm, going well beyond the simple replacement of one source of fuel energy by another. To help meet global climate change goals of limiting the increase in global average temperature to 1.5 °C, set at the Paris Climate Agreement 2015, policy makers could strengthen investment conditions by shifting incentives to make renewable power more attractive to investors – thus stimulating innovation and patenting in renewable technologies. More…

The global innovation divide

According to the recently published Global Innovation Index 2018, the gap between low-income economies and middle-income economies has reduced in the past year. Despite public R&D spending around the world still being lower than it was before the global financial crisis, this gives us a reason to be optimistic about the future. A growth in knowledge and technology outputs – including patents and utility models – has been a key contributor as well as improvements in infrastructure, market sophistication and creative outputs. More…

Investigating the Intellectual Property (IP) landscape for the automotive
industry with Darts-ip and PatBase

The focus on IP in the automotive industry has intensified in many diverse areas. For example, the industry faces issues such as counterfeiting in their branding, while technological convergence means that patent protection and enforcement, licensing and collaboration have become more important than ever. One of the numerous new challenges is the entrance of new and non-traditional companies into the market, such as high-tech companies, that are developing extensive patent portfolios related both to traditional automobile manufacturing and emerging technologies. As in many other industries, the findings confirm that the automotive industry is seeing the activity of non-practicing entities (NPEs) rising. More…

Minesoft and Darts-ip announce a
new global case law information
service within PatBase

Minesoft & Darts-ip announce a new global case law information service

PatBase, the leading searchable global database of patents, utility models and designs co-produced by RWS PLC and Minesoft, will soon be enhanced by the extensive Darts-ip collection of patent/IP litigation data.  Direct Links from PatBase will lead to detailed disclosures in the rapidly growing global Darts-ip Case Law database. More…