Cities look to IP for answers as they feel the heat

10th December 2018

This year, a Minesoft article exploring innovative solutions to the current rising temperatures in cities around the globe was featured in IPPro Annual. James Cooper, Customer Support Executive, explained how PatBase and PatBase Analytics V2 can be used to examine… Read More >

Minesoft launches new IP legal tool, PatDocs

29th November 2018

Minesoft is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new solution for all IP legal professionals, PatDocs. The new web-based software makes it easy for IP professionals to streamline their busy workload with an all-in-one system; incorporating auto-complete IDS forms,… Read More >

Innovation driving the Energy Transition

13th November 2018

Energy Transition involves a structural change in the energy system from our existing model to a new paradigm, going well beyond the simple replacement of one source of fuel energy by another. To help meet global climate change goals of… Read More >

The global innovation divide

26th October 2018

According to the recently published Global Innovation Index 2018, the gap between low-income economies and middle-income economies has reduced in the past year. Despite public R&D spending around the world still being lower than it was before the global financial… Read More >