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Minesoft receives National and Global Awards from ACQ5

At Minesoft our priority is the encouragement of innovation and the global spread of technical information. Our products benefit many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies around the world, and as far as recognition goes, we are thrilled to announce that we received the following Global Awards from ACQ5 at the end of 2019:




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Welcome to Minesoft GmbH,

Germany is one of the most innovative countries in the world and many Minesoft customers based in Germany have contributed greatly to our product development over the last 20 years. Our local sales representative office in Germany has been serving our highly varied customer-base throughout the DACH region with significant traction for a few years now and it was high time for us to expand and solidify our presence with the formation of Minesoft GmbH.  We are delighted to announce we are in Germany to stay! More…

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Minesoft is a patron of the official
History of Parliament Trust
commemorative album, The
Commonwealth at 70

Produced by publisher St James’s House and the History of Parliament Trust, The Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World was officially launched at Westminster Abbey on 25th June 2019. Researched and written by leading academics and co-authored by the royal correspondent Robert Jobson, this heavily illustrated publication features archive prints, maps and portraits that detail the story of one of the world’s most important and far-reaching international organisations. More…

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Minesoft launch a new global case law information service with PatBase, in
collaboration with Darts-ip

PatBase, the leading searchable global database of patents, utility models and designs co-produced by RWS PLC and Minesoft, has now been enhanced by the extensive Darts-ip collection of patent/IP litigation data. Basic litigation information will be shown within the PatBase legal status browser with more detailed disclosures available through a direct link to the rapidly growing global Darts-ip case law database. More…

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Co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel
honoured in German Magazine
“PASSWORD” as the Information
Professional of the Year

Minesoft co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel was honoured to be named in Germany’s Online Information Industry magazine “PASSWORD” as the Information Professional of the year. In her interview, Ann shared her early professional development and decision process of starting Minesoft in a rapidly evolving and challenging patent information environment. The ensuing article details how Minesoft carved its niche between free patent solution providers and large competitors to become one of the leading global patent solution providers worldwide. The key behind this success has been a sound business strategy and execution that demonstrates well across all disciplines, including people management, customer service, exports, innovation and product development. More…

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Researching innovations in a
technology area: Avalanche rescue

In recent years, there has been a much greater awareness of the important role that patents play in legal, technology and business environments, with high profile patent battles between technology giants playing out in the courts (and the media) on a regular basis. As well as monitoring any infringement on a corporation’s novel ideas, knowing and studying global patent data is also an effective tool to avoid parallel developments and wasted R&D efforts in overcrowded research fields. With this in mind, Minesoft has designed a suite of patent information products and a global, searchable patent database. Users can easily search, review, analyse and share patent information across a corporation; effectively harness the knowledge found in patents, gain competitive intelligence and build on the ideas of others to drive innovation forward in all technology areas. Today, we will be looking at the patent landscape for avalanche rescue technology. More…

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Minesoft launches new IP legal tool,

Minesoft is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new solution for all IP legal professionals, PatDocs. The new web-based software makes it easy for IP professionals to streamline their busy workload with an all-in-one system; incorporating auto-complete IDS forms, family tree mapping, one-click document ordering, offline legal status report and more…  More…