Press release
Minesoft y RWS se complacen
anunciar el lanzamiento de PatBase
2.0 – una actualización innovadora
para acelerar la búsqueda y el análisis de patentes

Minesoft, un proveedor líder de las soluciones de software en línea para el sector de la propiedad intelectual ha anunciado el lanzamiento del nuevo motor de búsqueda para PatBase, la base de datos de patentes global, en cooperación con RWS, una empresa de traducción líder mundial. Esta es la actualización más grande a la plataforma desde su lanzamiento en 2003 y esta disponible desde el 7 septiembre 2020.  More…

Confetti - LegalTech Company award
Press release
Minesoft awarded LegalTech
Company of the Year by ACQ5

At Minesoft, our priority is the encouragement of innovation and the global spread of technical information. Minesoft provides the trusted patent search, delivery and analysis tools of many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 corporations, law firms, academic institutions, and SMEs worldwide. We are thrilled to announce that we received the following national and international awards from ACQ5 at the end of 2020:




PatBase 2.0
Press release
Minesoft and RWS are pleased to
announce the release of PatBase 2.0 – an innovative update for accelerated
patent search and analysis

Minesoft & RWS announce the release of PatBase 2.0

Minesoft, a leading online software solutions provider for the Intellectual Property (IP) sector, has announced the release of the new search engine for PatBase 2.0, the global patent database, in co-operation with RWS, a world leading translation company. This will be the biggest update to the platform since its launch in 2003 and will be available from 7th September 2020.  More…

Press release
Minesoft named a top 25 global brand to watch in 2020 by Business Connect India

Minesoft has been named in Business Connect India’s top 25 global brands to watch in 2020 for its sustained innovation in online patent solutions. It is a testament to Minesoft’s international scope and worldwide influence to receive recognition from an India-based business publication as a global brand. Business Connect India is a magazine bringing business success stories from around the world to its readers, which include entrepreneurs, executive officers and VCs.  More…

Press release
Minesoft ranks as a Top 10 Legal Tech Provider 

Minesoft ranks as a Top 10 Legal Tech Provider

As more digital transformation makes its way into the legal industry, it is difficult to determine which solutions are best suited to streamline key tasksFor this reason, Minesoft is proud to be selected as one of My Tech Mag’s top 10 legal tech providersMyTechMag is a technology magazine featuring technology utilisation in different industries.   More…

Press release
Minesoft sponsors SSAFA official VE
Day 75 commemorative album

Produced by publisher St James’s House and military charity, SSAFA, VE Day 75 was officially launched on 8th May 2020. Written by experts including the royal correspondent Robert Jobson, VE Day 75 is a beautifully presented publication that tells the in-depth story of Victory in Europe Day. Featuring a wide selection of photographs from the day itself, the book documents the extraordinary events of 8 May 1945, honours those involved and reflects on how this victory has impacted on British society – right up to the present day. More…

The times IP
Press release
Minesoft’s IPShare Featured on the
Front Page of The Times IP

Minesoft’s IPShare featured on the front page of The Times

Minesoft is proud to sponsor The Times report on Intellectual Property (IP) once again in 2020. This 16-page special issue will be distributed to all The Times readers in print and in the online edition to spread awareness on the importance of IP at every level of business. We are honoured to be represented on the front page of the Intellectual Property publication. Our eye-catching astronaut on the front page symbolises the global reach of our patent collaboration tool, IPShare. IPShare is designed for IP professionals to help increase efficiency and collaboration through a seamless project workflow. More…

New York - Minesoft US
Press release
Tempus IP now Minesoft LLC as
company is brought under the
Minesoft “umbrella”

Minesoft is excited to announce the expansion of its global presence in the Intellectual Property (IP) market by bringing US company, Tempus IP, under the Minesoft “umbrella” after closely working with the company for the past 10 years. Through this partnership, Tempus IP has become one of the most advanced and rapid IP document ordering and delivery systems in the US, saving users time and hassle locating IP documents. More…