Disruptive Innovation in Vaccination Technology

22nd July 2020

After clean water and sanitation, vaccines are the technology that has played the largest role in prolonging human lifespans. However, it is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population has Trypanophobia (the phobia of needles). This significantly affects the… Read More >

Introducing Minesoft’s new Strategic IP Webinars

15th July 2020

Join Minesoft’s innovation experts in a new series of exclusive live IP webinars to learn how you can improve your own innovation strategy. Many R&D professionals overlook the importance of doing patent research before starting projects, exposing them to threats… Read More >

Tinder’s patented “swipe-right” for a date

8th July 2020

Dating apps Tinder and Bumble recently made headlines on multiple IP and business news outlets as their 2-year long patent dispute allegedly came to an end with a mutually pleasing resolution. The decision made between the two rival companies has… Read More >

George Weisz – Inventor of Ventilators

1st July 2020

George Weisz was a Hungarian mechanical engineer, philanthropist, film producer and father of three, including Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz. He invented a “pioneering artificial ventilator pneumatically powered by its own oxygen cylinder”. These ventilators are currently helping the NHS intensive… Read More >

Surprising Patents Owned by NASA

24th June 2020

Recently, NASA and SpaceX made history by launching the first commercially made spacecraft from American soil.  It is no secret that NASA and other space exploration organisations have been pivotal in developing some commonly used items today, such as baby… Read More >

Using passenger data to improve in-flight experiences 

17th June 2020

Anyone who has travelled on a long-haul flight will be familiar with the discomforts of sitting for hours in aeroplane seats, breathing recycled cabin air, and being physically confused by dramatic time zone changes...   Recently, the British Airways patent entitled… Read More >

Minesoft supports Richmond BID’s anti-covid cleansing initiative

5th June 2020

Minesoft is supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic through Richmond Business Improvement District’s (BID) new Safe S.P.A.C.E initiative. This morning, on Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London, Gabriel Irwin (Vice Chair of Richmond BID) outlined how the anti-covid initiative would… Read More >

Big Ben London

London History Day – Historical patents from London-based inventors

31st May 2020

London History Day falls on May 31st each year marking the anniversary of the day the renowned clock, “Big Ben”, located at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, first started keeping time in 1959. This year, Minesoft is joining in the celebration of the city of London for its resilience,… Read More >