Minesoft Feature In The Patent Lawyer

18th February 2013

An article published February 2013 in The Patent Lawyer highlights the efficiency of Minesoft's patent software solutions, focusing on the PatBase Express and PatentTracker services. It discusses the global coverage (96 patent-issuing authorities) of PatBase Express and the cross-lingual search… Read More >

Outsell Product Review Of Minesoft Inspec

16th November 2012

Outsell has published a product review of the Minesoft Inspec database, completed by Robert Berkman, Director and Lead Analyst at Outsell. The review provides a step-by-step review of the visualization and search tools, as well as the keyword filters and… Read More >

Minesoft And IET Launch Minesoft Inspec Platform

6th November 2012

Hamburg, 6th November 2012 - Minesoft announce the launch of the new Minesoft Inspec web platform in co-operation with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The new Inspec service provides fast, easy access to high quality science and engineering… Read More >

Steve van Dulken’s Patent Blog

6th September 2012

Steve van Dulken, British Library research specialist and blogger of patents, inventions and intellectual property, discusses Minesoft's Tmquest database in his blog published 5th September 2012. The blog post praises the newly-introduced free database, created for searching US trademarks, in… Read More >

New Cross-Lingual Search Tools in PatBase

6th June 2012

Minesoft & RWS Group announce introduction of cross-lingual search tools in PatBase, in co-operation with WIPO, enhancing the patent retrieval in different languages.  Powered by WIPO's CLIR system, two complimentary language search tools have been developed for use in PatBase.… Read More >