Enhanced Excel Export from Citation Explorer in PatBase

10th May 2016

  Citation Explorer is the interactive tool for navigating and reviewing patent citations in PatBase, the global patent database. We have just released an enhanced Excel export from Citation Explorer, making it easier to ascertain from the Excel report how… Read More >

French and German Patents Added to Minesoft Chemical Explorer

6th April 2016

  Minesoft has enhanced its searchable chemical patent database Chemical Explorer with the addition of French and German patent collections. Launched at the end of 2015, Minesoft Chemical Explorer is a unique data mining software designed to extract chemical structures… Read More >

Patent Legal Status Is Changing

30th March 2016

In April 2013 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched a new project, known as Task 47, to implement standardisation and enhance the availability of patent legal status information from industrial property offices (IPOs). The Legal Status Task Force, which… Read More >

Minesoft European Roadshow 2016 Just Announced

8th March 2016

Are you getting the insights you need from patent information? Join the Minesoft Roadshow in Europe this Spring to find out how our patent solutions can support competitive intelligence gathering and inform strategy throughout the IP lifecycle. Discover how to… Read More >

The Power of Patent Citations

19th February 2016

  Why are patent citations so often underestimated and underused? A combination of the volume of citations and their complexity makes it difficult to know how to efficiently navigate and explore patent citation data. Yet, despite these challenges, there are… Read More >

Minesoft launches Chemical Explorer for chemical patent information

9th November 2015

Following a successful period of BETA testing by patent search experts from across the chemistry and pharmaceutical industry, global patent information specialist Minesoft today announced the launch of a new data-mining software solution for exploring chemical patent information. Chemical Explorer,… Read More >